Our Team

All of our team members, from site to office, are skilled professionals that are respected in their fields. The quality of our workplace directly translates into the quality of our product.

Graham Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Garriott

President & Chief Operating Officer

Ryan McMillan

Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Brittney Thompson

Chief Financial Officer

Teressa Boring

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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A Message From Our Executives

When we build a project, we begin with the project's legacy in mind. We want our work to be enjoyed for generations to come. This means approaching our scope of the build as a craft, and considering each project from concept to completion, and beyond.

To deliver the service that our clients and partners have come to expect, we need our whole team to be aligned on our values and vision. Our team is passionate about their craft, focusing on innovation, quality, and professionalism, to allow us to be the best at what we do.

We invite you to get to know Big Rock Built, and explore the possibilities that will make your next project a success.