Integrity, Expertise & Respect
We understand that our work will be the foundation on which you build your dream home.

We are Vancouver’s architectural concrete forming and framing specialists. With over 50+ combined years in the business, we’ve built a solid reputation for exceptional workmanship and stellar customer service. We go above and beyond to build – and maintain – strong relationships with our clients, and have created a well-established network of highly reputable suppliers and industry specialists throughout our communities.

Whether you are thinking about building the perfect dream home, a winter chalet or an oceanside corporate retreat, we offer homeowners the assurance that your vision will not only be met, but exceeded.

Let’s Talk!

We’ll listen, and provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision on concrete forming and framing for your project. We are happy to work with your architect, engineers and builders to provide you with realistic solutions and pricing.


Our work will be the foundation on which you build your dreams, so it’s vital that we get it right from the get-go. Before any construction begins, we will work closely with you and your consultants and prepare a preliminary cost analysis and pre-construction budgets.

Project Management

Big Rock’s owner, Ben Garriott, and his dedicated team of project managers provide peace-of-mind with complete building awareness from the ground-up. From the initial planning stages to creating your architectural landscape oasis, we are happy to share our expertise.


Following the planning stages, we will begin making your plans a reality! From the time the site is excavated, you will be welcome to join us on site to monitor our progress and share the excitement as you see your dreams take shape.


The exterior frame and all exterior walls, interior partitions and the roof will be constructed to the highest of standards, and will last for generations to come.


Our team will move on to the construction of your home’s architectural masterpieces. Our well thought out architectural landscapes, or hardscapes, create your own personal oasis.


Our talented team of local, dedicated tradespeople approach all projects with a single vision: to effectively partner with our colleagues to safely and respectfully complete your home to the very highest of standards, and within the set timelines and budget.


Complex work requires clear direction and communication. Start and completion dates, simple timeline overviews with key milestones, quality inspections and client access to job sites are just a few of the steps that we take to provide our clients, colleagues and team members with peace-of-mind.


The safety of our team, your property and the environment is our foremost concern. We constantly educate our team on safe work practices, procedures and injury prevention and comply with strict property and environmental standards. All construction is monitored to maintain the strictest safety guidelines.

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